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May 1st

No updates for a while

Dear Guest/Visior, I am always glad to see you here but I am sad to say I really didn't update anything on here for the last few months. I really also didn't produce any content that I can share. Some life shit was due (a Balkan man must move to Germany) HOWEVER, the truth is, a bigass project is in the works. Exciting things to share will come...

AS WILL an eventual VCOM update. Might get rid of this thing here and have a place where previous posts can be viewed so I ain't write all this content for nothing. To be completely honest, I don't really have a vision for this website, but like me it should grow with time. It still holds up well, but if I leave it forever like this - it will probably be a bit silly. Thanks for visiting my lonely website and stay tuned... The information supe highway connects us all⋯

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